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YCN Media Group: Adding the Human Element to Social Media


We all know that good business depends on intimate relationships with your customers. You must understand their pains better than they can even describe them to you, so that your solution hits the right spot and truly makes a difference.
Yet, technology today doesn’t allow you to get to know the real person behind the email address, behind the FB avatar, behind the user name.

Or does it?

YCN Media Group goes beyond the faceless internet and allows you to connect with your audience on a real and personal level, and we do it at scale. We take the guess work out of your marketing so that you know EXACTLY what your audience needs, and how to deliver it to them. The side effects of our system are: Less time spent on content marketing (more time for what you truly enjoy doing) higher referral rates higher sales better results.

You can see how we achieve all that in our free webinar… and of course – you can always connect and learn more.

For Coaches & Consultants

Revive your tired list into premium buyers with no funnels, no ads and no affiliates.

For Local Business

Cut your ad spend and appear as the first option for customers Near You.

For SAAS / B2B

Turn your clients into brand ambassadors that amplify your reach, for free.


Many people play a good game online, and make you think they’re a lot more than they really are, because it’s easy.

It’s easy to put up a website saying you made millions when you’re really broke and hurting.

It’s easy to “borrow authority” and use other people’s names and pictures to make you seem more than you are.

It’s easy to spend all day on social media, “be everywhere”, and with some basic Photoshop skills make people think you’re all that and a bag of chips.

Heck, you can even become an Amazon Best Selling Author in 5 minutes and $3 (here’s how, but be careful. Reading this article constitutes as taking the Red Pill. Only swallow if you’re ready).

But you’re brilliant and you know that none of these vanity numbers & empty claims matter when it comes to growing a business. A real business. I bet what keeps you up at night is not – how do I get more Twitter followers.. or Facebook views to my photos; but deep, meaningful questions like –

How do I stop competing on price and start competing on value?

And as you lay there at 3am… awake, turning from side to side… pondering the answer to that brain twister, I bet none of those vanity numbers matter at all.
At the end of the day (or at this point for you – middle of the night) all you’re looking for are Results.

Real, duplicatable results and happy customers to vouch for them and the impact they make in their customer’s lives and their customers’ businesses.

That’s what happened to ME!

That’s what happened to me. I KNEW that my Viral Connectivity (VICE) System can not only convert better than any other system out there, but also increase retention and viral reach, but it wasn’t until I used it with Jon Benson and generated $250,000 in just 5 days of sales, that people started paying attention.

And on that day I stopped competing on price and started competing on value.

& yes – I’m totally geeking out about it! (•̀ᴗ•́)

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