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Adding Gamification and Face to Face, Unscripted Interactions Results in a Fitness Community with Retention Rate of THREE Years and Going…


Andrea Albright is a natural weight loss expert, author and motivational speaker. Andrea had a dream: “… that someday I will be able to connect with my audience in the most intimate environment”

Side effects: Increased Time Spent On Site, Referrals and Members Taking Action to See Results = Testimonials, and Increase Life Time Value of the Customer


Andrea Albright has been selling $47 fitness programs online, struggling to inspire her buyers to take action – follow her diet plan, work out and get results.

Their product would sit on a shelf collecting cyber-dust, resulting in Andrea having to constantly spend more money on ads, affiliates and promotions.

She was stuck in what she calls – “The Internet Marketing Hamster Wheel”.


Many mistakenly think that a membership site requires constant content creation and is all time consuming. That is true if you’re still operating the old way. The new way, developed by YCN, reduces the amount of information and replaces it with connection.

We developed an Interactive, Gamified Membership platform with user generated content and live interactions to deepen the relationship and move them from faceless to family.

By turning Andrea’s diet plan into a gamified system, the members had an incentive to check into the site multiple times a day.

By providing the training through live Hangouts the members got to speak with Andrea face to face and get personalized advice and guidance.

Creating a space on the site for members to connect with each other whenever they needed support – through live video, inspired them to workout more, help each other and developed a sense of a real community.



Our members log into the website 5 times a day to play the game and interact with each other. This ensure application of the fitness plan, and visible results. Results increase referrals without the cost associated with marketing, as well as increase life span of the customer.
Members are checking into the site multiple times a day, with some confessing that they have replaced checking into Facebook with checking into the community.

Retention rates are mind blowing – TrimTribe is now beginning its third year with many of the original members still engaging and playing the game.

Time investment:  our system allows the members to interact with each other, face to face and in real time, independent of Andrea. This creates a place where TrimTribe members can congregate to chat with each other. It’s a place to share knowledge, offer advice, ask questions and advance their knowledge.

Once a community starts to take on a life of its own it becomes so valuable to its members that people actually feel privileged to pay to be a member.

But what Trim Tribe gives me that no other online diet group can offer is the ability to actually meet Andrea and the other Trim Tribe members face-to-face via Google Hangouts. We can share information, chat, ask questions and even demonstrate for each other, all from the comfort of our own homes!

The bonds that we have created among members of this special community within such a short period of time are incredible!
I feel so blessed that the Trim Tribe has connected me to Andrea Albright and so many amazing and supportive new friends from across the country and around the world!”
~Bette Y

Being part of the Trim Tribe has allowed me to connect with a group of loving, supportive, caring women. We have built relationships that have transcended the miles between us through the magic of cyberspace communication – real time conversations in the activity stream and live hangouts that afforded us face to face communication where we could see each others’ faces, hear each other’s’ laughs, and enjoy a personal connection that went beyond the written word.

I have grown to truly care about and love so many members of the community they have become cyber-sisters for me – an online family that I feel personally connected to.
~ Robin Preston

What got me was the fact that there was a live person to answer my questions. With the other programs I was on my own. But I certainly didn’t expect to become so attached to all the people I met through trim tribe, and to the weekly hangouts. Now I’m hooked!

I look forward all week to the show! And we get to chat in our After Dark hangout! The game is a lot of fun too, trying to rack up those points, and keeping us Motivated!
~Rachel Klein

“…Another key piece is having the ability to speak directly to Andrea. She is a wealth of knowledge. I love being able to ask questions specifically for me. Also, connecting with the other amazing women in the community every week has created a strong bond between all of us.

We all support each other when we need some extra encouragement, celebrate with one another as we meet our goals and learn from each other.”

~ Cathy Hamilton
Empowerment Expert

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