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Reviving A Tired List Into Premium Buyers

Adding the Human Element Results in Reduced Marketing Costs, Lower Affiliate Commission Payouts, Increased Viral Reach and $250,000 in Just 5 Days of Sales.

Side effects: Increased subscription and views to a new YouTube account and increased followers to our Google+ page.


The Sellerator allows anyone, regardless of experience or knowledge, to write a powerful, converting Sales Letter using the secret formula responsible for over $1 Billion Dollars in sales online.

Our goal was to revive a tired list and sell a high-end product. However, we also needed to build a relationship of trust with our viewers.


Jon Benson had a list of 10,000 people who have been exposed to the Sellerator offer multiple times and never bought.

At least 7,000 of them were 3 years or older.

Jon needed to revive this tired list into premium buyers.

An additional layer of complexity was getting butts in seats and having people take time away from their day to watch and participate live.

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Using gamification, face to face interactions, education and a little bit of magic, YCN created a unique, 10-day, fun experience.

YCN created a unique platform, with each page specifically designed to increase engagement: worksheets were adding to each day’s training to maintain focus and attention throughout the hourly training period. Daily rewards were given to encourage shares, comments and live participation.

The first five events were 100% content. NO pitch or offer of any kind.  Interestingly enough, by day 3 we actually had people asking how to buy products in the comments.

The last 5 hangouts were focused on sales and marketing, gamification increased the views for each hangout, resulting in more people listening to the offer and taking it.


As Jon says: ”Results in Marketing is a Metric called Cash”.

We converted the tired list at 10% (up 2% from his average 5%-8% rates) and Jon walked home with  $250,000 worth of sales in just 5 days.

Views and shares continue to increase after VICE is over, with people returning to watch the replays and purchase Sellerator.

Viral reach: through the gamification and the shares, our 10-day VICE reached 5.5 million people and the hashtag #sellerator was trending online.

Engagement by the numbers (in one month!)

Each hangout on average received:

  • 150 Google+ comments, 10 Facebook comments, 3 WordPress comments  
  • 1,200 YouTube Views
  • YouTube:
    • Subscribers to a new channel: 262 subscribers
    • 15,535  total views
    • Ratio of video view per subscriber: 59.29
  • Google+ page:
    • from zero followers to 188
    • Total of 9,707 views (as of 2-18-2015)
    • Ratio of post view per user: 51.63

Live Attendance:

As anyone who has ever put together any type of event (whether online or offline) knows, the hardest thing in the entire Event process is to fill up the event – get butts in seats and have people take time away from their day to watch and participate live.

Using YCN’s engagement amplification strategies, we succeeded in having –

  • Audience checking in to the website one hour before we went live – every day. (increasing “time spent on site”)
  • Starting on mobile as they made their way back home to participate and join us live on a PC.
  • Joining us from the road – at CarMax, from the local library, from the car..
  • Retention: 80% live retention through 90-180 min. hangouts.

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